Windows 7 installing

Windows 7 Windows 7 installing

For many users of the PC the pleasure from acquisition of the long-awaited Windows 7 operating system was saddened by unexpected problems in case of its installation. After an official output of “seven” forums of technical support of Microsoft became a place for serious verbal fights.

Unfortunate up-dating with Windows Vista became the most widespread problem — on this subject to technology professionals of MS for only some days about 3 thousand questions were set.

Some users faced errors in case of installation of the operating system downloaded on the student’s program, offered Microsoft on the eve of Windows 7 output. Prilozheniye-raspakovshchik issued the message on impossibility of record of files then process of installation stopped. Now on a site of corporation the manual for bypass of this error, thus, according to Microsoft is placed, this failure lies on conscience of the third-party distributors spreading up-dating on the Internet.

Failures of operation of a database of a boot configuration (Boot Configuration Database, BCD) in case of Windows 7 installation became other reason of complaint of users. After a message output «This Windows version can’t be set, the prior version was regenerated and ready to operation» the computer started to reboot infinitely because of what neither Vista, nor Windows 7 couldn’t work normally. The solution of this problem is also published on a site of technical support of Microsoft.

At one user group the Windows installer 7 refused to accept a product key, issuing messages on a misprint or even a piracy origin of an entered combination of characters. The staff of corporation from Redmond responded to these complaints standardly, convincing bought “seven” to recheck the code and to enter it more attentively. However, more ingenious visitors of a forum began to do assumptions that instead of updating Vista, users tried to set Windows 7 Upgrade packet on a blank hard disk.

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