Computer viruses

The probability to infect the computer a virus is always, especially it raises, when some people and when the computer is connected to a local area network or the Internet use the computer. The computer virus represents a code, the program which the actions harms to files and high-speed performance of the computer.

On local and global networks the personal computer is exposed to continuous virus attacks, but switch-off from a network won’t lead to absolute protection against viruses. You can infect with the hands the computer, copying data from another’s unchecked information media. The only way of protection against harmful programs is installation of the safe antivirus software, it is desirable for the latest version or permanently being updated as new viruses appear almost daily.

Now in the market of anti-virus products there are a lot of the software packages oriented on different needs of users. You can select both the commercial program, and the free packets offered by programmers enthusiasts. The most known paid anti-virus programs in Ukraine – NOD32, Dr. Web and Kaspersky’s antivirus. That the program as much as possible met your requirements, select it together with the expert.

Each program has committers who are ready to defend advantages of the favourite to blue in the face. Nevertheless, experts agree in opinion that at the enterprises it is better to use commercial anti-virus programs as for them updates of virus bases which automatically appear on your computer if you are connected to the Internet every day are issued. Except daily updates, it is necessary to launch regularly complete check of system by the anti-virus program, on purpose to stop infection at the initial stage. Also it is necessary to track and up-dating of the program. Don’t forget that daily in a pattern hundreds the harmful programs are written, which samples are necessary to your antivirus as soon as possible to provide high-quality protection of system against ruin.

Popular method of distribution of viruses is mail mailing therefore in anti-virus packets the special agent follow-up e-mails and preventing of high risk of infection of the computer if it suddenly reveals a fragment of a virus code in the sent letter is built-in. It will be recommended to you not to open the file received by mail and not to launch the suspicious programComputer virus, having made the way on your personal computer, destroys files and their fragments, directs programs and actions on a network from your name, decelerates and suspends an operating system as a whole. However in the modern world the most unpleasant harmful programs are what steal passwords and names of accounting entries from mail or electronic purses and transfer them to malefactors. It can cause such damage to the owner of the computer that it will be much simpler to set and pay once the legal version of anti-virus support, than to reap the fruits of own levity.

Viruses are capable even to destroy the computer physically, damaging load areas of disks and BIOS and the motherboard. It is obvious that threat of loss of information, money and the expensive equipment faces each user of the personal computer. That is why it is important to select and set anti-virus support on the system. Paid it will be or free, in any case it will quickly pay off, and you will feel quiet and protected.

Experts of Support Serice Group will help you to protect your computer from penetration of computer viruses and unwanted programs. We will install the antivirus software which will preserve your data in case of net surfing the Internet, with different office documents etc..