Notebook cleaning – inside from a dust, system of cooling, the keypad, a cooler

The service center “Support Service Group” offers services in cleaning of notebooks in Kiev. We clean notebooks of all vendors – ASUS, MacBook (pro), Samsung, HP (Pavilion, Compaq), Acer, Toshiba, Sony VAIO, Dell, Fujitsu Siemens, Lenovo and others – high-quality preventive cleaning will prolong life to your laptop. We practise some types of cleaning of notebooks – from a dust inside, keypads, systems of cooling, coolers (fans).

Our services:

  • Cleaning of notebooks inside from a dust — we Recommend to you to clean a notebook few times in a year. The dust accumulating in the casing in months of operation of a laptop, starts to obstruct to the free traffic of air flows, breaking cooling system. A sucked-in dust, subsiding on the motherboard, will form layers of dirt which in some places can reach five millimeters. The heat emission is broken, because of overheating burn out elements of boards or burns down the processor – the pyleobrazovaniye in notebooks is one of basic reasons of serious failure. Our masters qualitatively will carry out preventive cleaning of your laptop, applying special means and equipment: paintbrushes, brushes, barrels with oblate air, the mini-vacuum cleaner – you can be sure of our cleaning, we clean carefully and cheaply. You single-digit should start to fight against a dust and dared to clean a notebook if air from a laptop almost doesn’t blow, the fan rustles or you mark high temperature of the casing.
  • Cleaning of system of cooling of a notebook — Makbuki (MacBook) and notebooks of Sony Vaio have thought more over system of cooling therefore them to clean inside from a dust it is possible time in two years.
  • Cleaning of the keypad of a notebook — we Apply the wet cleaning napkins, alcohol-containing solution, oblate air – all garbage and a dust accumulating under keys of the keypad in months of use of a laptop is deleted. We recommend to purge the keypad of your notebook each five-seven months.
  • Cleaning of a cooler of a notebook (fan cleaning).

How much is the notebook cleaning? Our prices allow to argue that we clean cheaply – cleaning cost almost in all cases is pleasant to our clients.

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