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It takes only one call to the Support Service Group, and you get a full range of computer services. Moreover, it is not necessary to bring the equipment to us. Any computer services will be provided to you right in the office or home.

If the fault occurred at the most inopportune moment, our company offers a service Emergency computer help.

Get qualified computer services is simple – it is enough to give us a call the phone numbers listed above. You can also place an order directly on the site.

Repair and configure the PC

The fact that your computer is broken, unfortunately, no surprise – fails even the ultra-space technology. However, even a serious breakdown of the computer is not a cause for concern. Call a computer service center and repair your PC will be designed in such a way that all data on your computer will be saved, and the forced downtime for repairs will be minimized.

Service Engineer Emergency service computer help will you not later than 2 hours

You do not have anywhere to bring your equipment – our service engineer will come to you as soon as possible after booking your service for PC repair. Carrying out repair of PCs, it is mandatory to hold a primary diagnosis of a computer, so you can be sure of – besides the declared fault you will be eliminated are all found in the diagnosis of PC, and you configure a PC.

We propose to transfer the system unit in a stationary computer service center only in rare cases, a typical PC repair is performed on the spot. And in order to benefit from the call was maximal at the same time setting up the computer in the process of repair, we give advice on any matters of use and capabilities of your computer.

By the way, Ambulance service computer help is really done quickly – computer service center is open so that the service engineer to arrive no later than 2 hours after your call, and his skills enough to quickly eliminate most of the problems and set up your computer in your home.

Repair and setup of computers

Installing and configuring operating systems and software

There is a common misconception that the operating system to install and configure each computer can. To some extent this is true – the process of installing the operating system (OS) is quite simplified. But fine-tuning your PC, in which the performance of hardware and software will be the maximum, will be able to perform a specialist who is familiar not only with the latest operating systems, but also knowing the features of computer technology.

The computer will work perfectly only if the correct installation of the operating system

We are qualified to install on your PC or laptop operating system tlike Windows (NT/2000/Server/XP/7), and also pick up the drivers on each individual device, if the original drivers you do not have preserved.

If necessary, at your request, in the process of setting up your PC we will install packages and common office applications, which are necessary for the operation *.

Installing Windows

Searching and removing viruses

Creating a computer virus for some virus writers turned into a kind of sport, and tens of these harmful programs are born every day. Therefore, if not promptly take steps to protect your computer from viruses and trojans, or even a few copies of the malicious software (software) must get on the computer – it means a lot of penetration from flash-drives, and MP3-players to the e-mail and infected Internet sites. The consequences of the invasion of computer viruses are unpredictable, and the injury may not exceed the cost of the computer.

Guaranteed protection against computer viruses gives a comprehensive protection

Our computer service center offers an effective tool to combat computer viruses and spyware. We can buy the best-known, well-established anti-virus software. However, by themselves, such programs will not be effective, you need computer services for complex protection of PCs against unauthorized intrusion, during which time both will be made setting the anti-virus programs.

We can set up your computer so that you will be guaranteed maximum protection of confidential information and payment password database, preventing the leakage of information, and more, without which it is impossible to secure a normal job as a local office network and the Internet.

Anti-virus protection

Connect peripheral devices, and more

If you have a need to connect to a computer modem, fax, printer, scanner, TV / FM-tuner, HDTV, projector, or do you plan to turn your computer into a home theater – feel free to contact: We will install and configure everything for you These devices and systems.

We can help link multiple computers together, set up the work so that all computers have access to the same source on the Internet as usual, and the wireless network.

We will help connect the device to your PC or laptop, set up synchronization of files and folders, e-mail using Bluetooth or IrDA (infrared communication). In the framework of services for connecting additional devices also are connecting mobile GPRS, 3G Internet via cell phone.

Local area networks and the Internet

Support Service Group will connect to your computer equipment and Internet access through local area networks for home and home office, and for companies with a large fleet of computers and office with an extensive local network.

As part of the Internet connection on the LAN we hold the following activities:

  • design and deployment of local area network;
  • design and installation of cable system or the creation of a Wi-Fi network;
  • Internet connection: choosing a provider rate, the required services and the like;
  • analysis of the security of confidential data when connected to the Internet;
  • selection, installation and configuration of hardware and software firewall screening (firewall) to prevent malicious attacks;
  • selection, installation and configuration of network software: operating system software to exchange text, audio and video information, etc.;
  • administration and maintenance of network equipment, services and other computer services.

Installing the Internet

Installing the Wireless Internet

Network Configuration

Support Service Group

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