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Service of the organizations

The Support Service Group company offers services in support of operability of your computer, as at office, and at home.

Our experts will competently recover the lost data and an operating system, will clear your computer of viruses, and also will set and will set up the software necessary for you.

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Setup packagesВерсия для печати

“Windows XP” For desktop, uah For notebooks, uah
Windows XP 120,00 150,00
Office 2003/2007/2010
Multimedia player
Eset Nod32 (antivirus)
+3 programs not requiring activations
“Windows 7”
Windows 7 150,00 200,00
Office 2003/2007/2010
Multimedia player
Eset Nod32 (antivirus )
+3 программы, not requiring activations

Our prices will pleasantly surprise you:Версия для печати

IT outsourcing (subscriber services of computers)

Package Number of computers, working conditions (in a month) Price, uah
One One computer (1 preventive departure, 1 the emergency) 160,00
S From 2 to 4 computers (2 preventive departure, 1 of the emergency) 419,99
M From 5 to 9 computers (2 preventive departure, 1 of the emergency) 919,99
L From 10 to 14 computers (3 preventive departure, 2 of the emergency) 1 199,99
XL From 15 to 20 computers (3 preventive departure, 2 of the emergency) 1 599,99
XXL From 21 to 30 computers (4 preventive departure, 2 of the emergency) the contractual

* service of automatic telephone exchange, servers, printers, copiers isn’t switched in cost, etc.

Prices on out services

Service name Price from, uah
Diagnostics (program and hardware) 0,00

Cleaning the cooling system of of a notebook (notebook assembly/disassembling, lubrication of coolers and thermopaste changeover are switched on in the price)

* the price depends on complexity of disassembling of a notebook

150,00 – 200,00*
Installation and setup of the printer, modem, scanner … 55,00
Treatment of viruses 75,00
Selection of drivers on the Internet for 1 unit 15,00
Splitting, HDD formatting (preparation for installation of an operating system) 35,00
System optimization 65,00
Operation systems Installation, uah Re-installation, грн
Windows 2000/XP 100,00 110,00
Windows 7 120,00 140,00
Replacement Windows Vista on Windows 7 /XP 130,00
Server setup (mail, file etc.) on the basis of Windows Server 2003 500,00 550,00
Software Стоимость от, грн
Microsoft Office (different versions) 45,00
Antivirus 50,00
Browser installation 20,00
Archivers (WinRar, WinZip) 10,00
Installation of the mail program 25,00
Setup of the mail program (one address) 35,00
Business applications
от 45,00
Corel Draw installation 40,00
3D Studio Max installation 50,00
Photoshop installation 45,00
Text recognition program installation 35,00
Translators (different versions) 30,00
Multimedia 15,00
ICQ, QIP, Miranda, Skype etc 15,00
Installation of additional programs 20,00



For notebooks, uah
Copying of information from one HDD on another, for 1 Gb 3,00* 4,00*

* the Price in most cases depends on information type and its placement on the PC

Design, mounting, setup of local area networks Price form, грн
Setup of a local area network (1 workstation), unit 65,00
Setup of a local area network (from 3 to 5 workstations), unit. 55,00
Setup of a local area network (from 6 to 10 workstations), unit. 45,00
Installation and access point Wi-fi setup 100,00
Connection of the client to a wireless network, unit. 50,00
Local computer network design 50,00
Mounting a cable channel (for 1м) 20,00
Cable laying in a cable channel (for 1м) 5,00
Socket mounting 25,00
Internet setup (Volia, OGO (Ukrtelecom), other providers) 60,00

The minimum cost of the order – 100 UAH.

Support Service Group

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