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Smart TV – TV with built-in access to the Internet or television receiver, which multiplies the possibilities of modern television. Smart TV is a computer system that is integrable in television and often allows the installation of additional applications and services. The device works on the operating system, opening up great opportunities for app developers.

Standard connection Smart TV to the Internet is presented in the figure. Of the basic device should be allocated only Wi-Fi router that provides Internet access not only your TV, but also the entire computer equipment in the apartment. A properly configured Wi-Fi router – a pledge of your safety in the world wide web.Схема подключения Smart TV к Интернету

So, you bought a coveted television technology Smart TV, but you have a problem when it is connected to the Internet via wi-fi router? Attempts to resolve the problem did not lead to the desired result, and the ISP does not want to or can not help you with this. With such questions most commonly encountered by users who are connected to the ISP, which is used to connect to the Internet technology VPN, or more simply – with check username and password. These operators include companies such as Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom, Beeline and others. If personal computers, laptops and modern communicators support a login and password when connecting to the Internet, TVs simply “do not understand” what is required of them in order to get online. How can that be?

There is a way! The company’s specialists Support Service Group is pleased to help you in connecting your TV Smart TV to the Internet via WI-FI router. We find an individual approach to each client, and because of this as soon as possible and at the lowest prices help you with the installation of Internet TV Smart TV. We set up routers all famous brands and models: TP-Link WR741ND, Asus WL-520GC, D-Link DL-604, D-Link DL-804HV, D-Link DIR-300, D-Link DIR-615, TP-Link TL-WR542G., ZyXEL P-330W, D-Link DIR-320 and others!

Samsung Smart Hub is blocked? None Russian language on the menu?

Samsung Smart Hub is geo-blocked for this particular product

If  you have no problems with the Internet connection, it is possible that you encounter a problem described below. So far, the inefficiency was detected only on TVs of the brand Samsung Slovak assembly. When the Smart TV screen the message: “This product and accompanying software and services (including Samsung Smart Hub) are specifically designed for user residing in the EU. As Samsung Smart Hub is geo-blocked for this particular product, Samsung Smart Hub may not be available in your current location “.

Blocking reason is that your TV has been illegally luck at the territory of Ukraine and are not officially registered by Samsung. But do not despair! Call us and we will gladly help you to enjoy the benefits of the fullness of TV technology Smart TV!

Conduct unlock Samsung TV the following series:  UExxH, UExxHU, UExxJ, UExxJU, UExxJS

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You do not need to carry your TV through Kiev! We will come to you at any time convenient for you!

Installing third-party widgets for TVs Samsung, LG, Philips, SONY with SMART TV technology

Установка сторонних виджетов Smart TV

First, let’s look at what it is – a “widget”?

In this sense, the “widget” means a small graphic module designed to perform any specific task. This can be a block covering the current weather, current exchange rates, showing program guide or facilitate access to a certain service or web resource, bypassing the traditional browser. It is interesting that they themselves are hardly limited resource capabilities of “smart” TV, as weigh little, and initiated programs they are preserved in the virtual storage developers.

By and large, the widgets are designed to extend the functionality of Smart-TV, adapting it to the specific habits and preferences of the user. Each new model of this TV is available for sale, already carrying a defined set of preinstalled applications. However, this is only a basic set of minimum, not able to adequately meet the needs of all users. Therefore, they are struggling to expand the existing list, setting the TV and more important for their program.

Our specialists will come to your home or office, and carry out all the necessary work on setting up your Smart TV! And also help to establish a third-party widgets to you fully able to enjoy all the pleasures of the TV with the technology Smart TV!

Price of configuring the Smart TV is 400 UAH.

Price of unblocking the Samsung Smart Hub (except J series) is 400 UAH.

Price of unblocking the Samsung Smart Hub for J series is 600 UAH.

The installation package includes:

  • Connecting your TV to a network, terrestrial TV antenna
  • Signup for an account
  • Setting up channels
  • Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable
  • Consultation on the use of
  • Download and install the software for viewing videos online, widgets (from the official Smart Hub)
  • Update the TV software to the latest version, which is present on the manufacturer’s website

The package does not include the price of Wi-Fi router.

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