What is BIOS?

BIOS (Basic input/output system) serves for support of interaction of devices of the computer. It contains a basic information about devices of the computer and their settings. BIOS is launched right after computer switching on. To get to BIOS, turn on the computer and at the very beginning of loading click the Del, Esc or F2 key (it is specified in the text appearing in the lower left corner of the screen right after execution by you to operation of switching on of the computer (Press “X” to enter Setup). Thus you will get to the BIOS settings. However it is necessary to do it before Windows started to boot. If you weren’t in time – anything terrible, simply reboot and try again.

To specify a source (the hard drive or CD/DVD-ROM) with котогоро shall boot the computer it is necessary to select from the BIOS main menu the Advanced BIOS Features point by means of keys arrows and to enter into it having clicked on the keypad “Enter” as a result you will get to the menu of settings. In this menu in addition to remaining there are following items: First Boot Device (1st Boot Device) – the First load device, Second Boot Device (2nd Boot Device) – the Second load device, Third Boot Device (3rd Boot Device) – the Third load device. The first First Boot Device point defines the computer from what device will boot the first. If it won’t manage to boot from the first device, he will try to boot from second (Second Boot Device), and then — and from third (Third Boot Device). Change of values of these parameters is made by means of the PgUp and PgDown keys (or keys “+” and “-“). Hard drives and CD/DVD-устройства are designated either their brands, or reference designations HDD (hard drive), CD ROM (the device of reading compact disks), Floppy (disk drive).

After were changes are made for an output in the main menu it is necessary to click “Esc” and to save settings it is necessary to select the Save and Exit Setup point then to appear a small window in which from you it is required to confirm, really you want to save changes and to quit the BIOS setup or not. To confirm – enter Y and to refuse – enter N and click “Enter”.