Notebook cleaning from a dust, why the notebook is heated

The notebook is a difficult electronic device, inherently – the high-grade personal computer of considerably smaller sizes and capable to work independently not only from a supply network, but also from a cable network the Internet. But, it is necessary to understand that mobility and non-volatility affect features of all accessories of this device, and also their interaction with each other.

The system of cooling is a feeble place honor that all notebooks, netbooks, planshetnik and similar portable devices. And it isn’t always connected to bad construction of the small computer. The whole matter is in the limited space in the casing of notebooks in this connection it is complicated both natural, and forced cooling. The sizes of notebooks in the course of time don’t increase, and here processors, video cards, hard drives and other accessories become more and more powerful; the tasks executed on computers, more difficult. The temperature selected by all components of system grows, the number and capacity of fans also increase. All this leads to the increased risk of overheating of a notebook.

Basic reason of failure of system of cooling along with bad construction, insufficient refrigerating capacity or the failed fans, is the home dust. It is present at any location and in any corner of our full-sphere, and speed of its skaplivaniye on the heat sink and other parts of your notebook, depends on construction of the last. But the fact of that it is necessary to clean any portable PC periodically from a dust, to lubricate and check operation of fans and the heat sink, in a word, to carry out notebook prevention. It costs cheaper cheaply and in times of the repair caused by overheating.

Below you will see consequences of untimely cleaning of a notebook from a dust. It doesn’t depend on model of your notebook, whether it be HP, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Dell or Toshiba. However, in our opinion, the most predisposed to overheating HP notebooks, and least Apple MacBook nevertheless are.

To note failure of system of cooling of your notebook outside it is almost impossible. However, the main signs of that with cooling system something nevertheless not as it should be are:

  • the strong heating of separate parts of the casing of a notebook;
  • fan permanent job on big turns;
  • spontaneous switch-off of a notebook;
  • outside sounds by operation of fans: whistle, cracklings, gnash;
  • suspicious silence by notebook operation – one or several fans ceased to work.

Precisely to tell what is the time will pass from the moment of notebook purchase till complete pollution of system of cooling difficult – everything depends on operating conditions (a dust content of location, air humidity) and devices of the system of cooling (capacity of the fan, construction of the heat sink and ventilating grids). Prevention, i.e. cleaning of system of cooling of a notebook, lubrication and check of fans will be the most economic and correct decision at this stage. There is it 100-200 UAH.

If you for any reasons didn’t make prevention to the portable computer, you are expected by more serious consequences, for example the heat sink which has come unstuck from a video processor (South bridge).

Be are reasonable and save economically! It is better to spend 100-200 UAH. now, than 1000 or 2000 then.

The service center of Support Service Group in Kiev renders a complete complex of services in repair of notebooks in Kiev. We always will help you with upgrade and setup of your portable computer. We for reasonable money, quickly, qualitatively will realize notebook cleaning from a dust, we will execute prevention and we will make further recommendations about maintenance.

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