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Our company — a team of skilled professionals, offering all kinds of computer assistance in Kiev and has many years experience in repairing and configuring the desktop and laptop computers of any configuration.

Support Service Group — is a quick solution to any problems with computers and computer equipment, «without leaving home.»

– We provide services for the professional installation of Windows, as well as any software: antivirus, office, graphics and multimedia programs, and various computer games.

– In the event of a malfunction of your computer we will diagnose and repair a computer at home, recover lost data and establish the necessary applications.

– If you need access to the Internet, we will advise and help in choosing the most suitable option for you, and then promptly set up the computer and connect it to the Internet.

– If you need to organize a Wi-Fi connectivity — we will select the best equipment and set up the router and will form a wireless network in accordance with the requirements of your premises it is.

Just call us, and as soon as possible, our computer ambulance to arrive to your home or office and help in solving the problems.

Website creation

The main objective to create and display the site in the network — uvelichenie profits in the long run. That’s why today you need to create not just a website informing you want to create a website selling! Your site should be a source of increased sales. SSG company studied the best methods to increase sales through selling sites and we are in a hurry to share the best marketing secrets with our clients

Creation of e-commerce in Kiev!

The most current trend in the development of business today — is to create a e-commerce. Our company at your service — creating web sites in Kyiv

The correct approach to creating and promoting your website specialists SSG increases turnover and profit of the firm several times, of course, in the long run. However, SSG offers including technologies to find a way to increase sales for your company and in the short term! And, we stand out from others.

Computer support and computer repair

The computer has now become an integral part of almost any home or office. It combines not one function: to play the station to the greatest tools for developing projects and documents. The most important thing in this situation to ensure the relationship of user and machine. Sometimes some of the factors violate it. This may be the fault of any device or computer is not quite correct attitude to it by the user.

Independently solve problems does not always work, so the ambulance computer help today is urgently needed. For these purposes, and established the company «SSG», which offers high quality computer service. Our experts will help any computer around the clock: an urgent repair of computers, computer configuration, Internet setup and much more.

Computer help

The range of problems with computers is very wide, because Progress does not stand still, and always appear more and more new devices, software and other computer other ‘stuff’. And each of them can fail at any time. Therefore, timely computer help in Kiev — is primarily a precise definition of failure and its elimination as soon as possible. It is important that computer help at home was more, in fact working properly you need a computer now. We provide an instant response to your request, check to your home or office and repair of computers in Kiev around the clock and seven days a week.

It is impossible to be cool an expert in all areas — doctors should treat people, veterinarians, animals, and providing emergency assistance to a computer — to engage in professional computer scientists. Computer Repair — a very complex process, the failure of one actuator kit malfunction of other parts, often using «services» a neighbor or acquaintance advanced, you not only eliminate the problem, but rather aggravate it. Planiruya save many trust your expensive computer amateurs, not realizing that the unskilled computer assistance can result in a much more expensive. Working with our company you will get a quick computer help at home, first, quickly, and secondly, guaranteed professional. All members of our emergency computer help well versed in even the most complex problems and are able not only to eliminate them, but also to explain what might cause similar problems and advise you how to avoid them in the future.

An integral part of providing computer assistance in Kiev masters of our company is guaranteed, because the moment the computer can work just fine, but the next time the re-return errors. Support Service Group provides a guarantee on all services. Also a significant role in providing computer assistance is sociable and polite masters as it is no secret that the quality of service in our country has not always been high and have only recently seen the rise in the industry. Emergency computer help — is not an exception, but we guarantee the highest level of service from our experts, in fact, you can always ask them any question regarding any aspect of the computer world, whether it’s emergency repairs computers in Kiev or their setting, and a detailed response and, if necessary, and assistance, as they say, on the spot.

Modern computer assistance is multifaceted and includes many items, but, as elsewhere, is the most frequent queries, and vice versa is extremely rare and exclusive. Most often, our company address the following issues: repairing computers at home, install Windows, treatment and removal of viruses, Internet connection and configure the wifi network. Therefore, techniques for solving such problems in our craftsmen perfected almost automatic.

Setting Up Your Computer

The first step after the selection and purchase is to set up your computer. What does it mean by a? Setting up your computer — it is, above all OS installation, connection of equipment (printer, scanner, etc.), software installation. The choice of operating system is natural for you, but it is sometimes difficult to decide what exactly you need, in connection with the specialists of our computer help gladly advise you on any matter relating to the choice of OS. Also, we will help you install and configure the chosen system and any necessary software. Even if your computer configuration done absolutely right, it does not give an absolute guarantee stable operation of the computer as in it, as in any other device, there may be some hardware problem character. In this case, we are also ready to provide fast and reliable computer help by doing emergency repairs to your computer at home.

Computer repair at home

Computer Repair — is the most common form of computer assistance, as Computers break down, as you know, the most «appropriate» time, and here it is necessary «first aid at home», which our specialists are ready to provide round the clock, and you do not even have to leave the house. Can break anything, ranging from the motherboard and ending with a tiny jumper, but the result is the same — you can not work on your computer, it can be fraught with serious consequences. Therefore, the most important thing in the emergency computer help — is to determine which device is given a failure, because the correct diagnosis — it is half the treatment. Sometimes it is very difficult to do, and computer repair is delayed long enough, and the rate — one of the most important characteristics of computer services. And speed is directly dependent on the experience of the master, because similar problems have probably met someone before you. Therefore, repair of computers at home are best left to professionals possessing invaluable experience that will quickly identify the problem and eliminate it as soon as possible, but at this time you can enjoy a cup of tea.

Support Service Group

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